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ADDRESSAvon Road, Pymble NSW 2073 Australia
PHONE(02) 9855 7799 (from within Australia)
POSTAL ADDRESSPO Box 136, North Ryde BC NSW 1670
FAX+61 (02) 9855 7766

Enrolment Enquiries

Detailed information about Enrolments at Pymble can be found under the Enrolments section of the website.

To speak to our Enrolments Manager:

ENROLMENTs manager
Clair StockPhone +61 (02) 9497 7839

Alternatively complete the enquiry form below or email

School Contact Details

Schooloffice hourscontact
Preparatory8.00am to 3.45pm(02) 9855 7720
Junior8.00am to 3.45pm(02) 9855 7700
Middle7.45am to 3.45pm(02) 9855 7611
Upper7.45am to 3.45pm(02) 9497 7865
Senior7.45am to 3.45pm(02) 9497 7871

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