Creating a sense of family is at the heart of our Boarding community at Pymble. The Pymble Boarding community is supported by the ‘Live It, Love It, Learn It, Lead It’ programs.

‘Live It’ aims to teach our girls life skills including cooking basic meals, doing their laundry and changing a tyre.

‘Love It’ provides a range of opportunities for our Boarders to create connections with their housemates and the local community and keeps our girls engaged with fun opportunities that enrich their Boarding experience.

‘Learn It’, our Evening Study Program, is designed to enhance achievement of academic potential, life balance and personal fulfilment.

Finally, ‘Lead It’ provides a variety of opportunities for Boarders to develop and demonstrate leadership capacity. One of these is the ‘Big Sister’ program; designed to support younger girls in their transition to Boarding.

Pymble’s residential accommodation for students is where tradition meets the future of learning.

This holistic approach means our girls feel loved, supported, engaged and can achieve their best with their Pymble family.

Our comprehensive academic, co-curricular and mind-body-spirit programs extends to our Boarding program, where every girl is supported through her intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth.

Personalised support

Girls who board at Pymble join a proud history extending back over more than a century. Today, their home-away-from-home is a comfortable, welcoming and nurturing environment filled with opportunity and support. Our trained leaders work with each Boarder to develop a personal academic and co-curricular program that responds to her needs.

Warm community

Our Boarders join our warm and welcoming family. New Boarders are mentored by a House Buddy who shows them the ropes, and over time they often decide to become a mentor to the next generation of new students. Boarders take part in decisions about their House, in student-led activities and have responsibilities to meet, such as keeping their room tidy and managing personal laundry. They are also invited to join in various volunteering opportunities.

Boarding houses

Pymble’s Boarding Precinct comprises three beautiful historic houses with modern facilities designed to provide a safe and comfortable home for over 120 girls from Years 7 to 12. Marden House is for girls in Years 7, 8 and 9, Goodlet House is for girls in Years 10 and 11, while our Year 12 students reside in Lang House. Boarders live on the picturesque College estate and have special access to facilities including our Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Library and sweeping grounds.

Special programs

Boarders have easy access to co-curricular activities that include playing and training for sport, performance of music, drama and dance. Through Pymble’s ‘Live It, Love It, Learn It and Lead It’’ program our Boarders learn basic life skills such as cooking, experience fun excursions across Sydney and, access our tailored Evening Study Program, all the while developing their capacity as influential young women.

Developing independence

Independence is a key feature of boarding life, and Boarding staff work with our girls to help them develop independent living skills, resilience and responsibility that will establish a solid grounding for their lives beyond Pymble.


Boarders participate in a range of leadership and mentoring programs which include self-determination and representation in decisions about their Boarding environment and resources. These range from our Big Sister Program, to Spirit House Captains, to our Boarders’ Representative Council and Boarding Prefects.

Boarding Family Friends program

Through the College Boarding Family Friends (BFF) program, our new Boarders from rural areas and overseas are linked with the family of a Day student of the same age, who help them settle into Pymble. BFFs contact their Boarding family to welcome them, visit the Boarder at the College, invite her home for dinner or afternoon tea, and host her at their home for a visit for a weekend.

Angus Cup, Boarders’ Sports Cup And Boarders’ House Cup For Excellence In Physical Activity

These important inter-house competitions see our Boarders compete in a range of fun activities to win points for their Houses. The Cups are awarded on the eve of Speech Day.

Family welcome

New Boarders have the opportunity to attend a number of orientation activities. A sleepover is arranged for our new Boarders in the term prior to entry and there is an orientation weekend at the start of the year for the entire family. Parents have the opportunity to join the Boarding Parent Group who provide valuable support and feedback to our Boarding community.

Health and medical

Our Boarding students can access Pymble’s on-site Health Care Centre (HCC) which includes permanent nursing staff and regular visits from a General Practitioner and physiotherapists. Boarding staff have first-aid training and will arrange dental and medical appointments for girls where needed.

Video Walk Through Our Boarding School

Hannah, Sophie and Phoebe will take you on a tour of their Pymble home and share with you why they’re proud to be Pymble Boarders.