The Pymble Ladies’ College Mind-Body-Spirit Framework is a multidimensional, holistic approach to wellness and growth, encompassing academic, social, emotional and digital intelligence.

The framework serves as an active process through which we equip our young women with the knowledge and skills to harness their inner strengths and make positive choices in life.

It recognises there are many opportunities to support wellness and growth. Understanding one’s self and the strengths we bring to a challenge is a key part of our education and assists our girls development into influential and compassionate women. 


WHATOur connection to
ourselves, each
other and the
Recognition of the
psychological and
social factors that
influence how we
think, feel and act
strength to be
optimistic in the face
of adversity
HOWFoster social and
emotional skills that
nurture a sense of
belonging to one’s
self, our family and
friends, community
and culture
Develop an
understanding and
appreciation of
ourselves and others,
and the unique
strengths we bring to
our community
Build protective
strategies to adapt
and recover from
WHYA sense of
belonging and
connection are key
elements of a
flourishing student
understanding of
ourselves and our
actions leads to more
harmonious and
Empowers us to
emerge stronger
with an optimistic
perspective on life


WHATHealthy behaviours to enhance our growth and development
HOWEncourage and promote optimal exercise, nutrition, sleep and technology habits as foundations of successful learning
WHYPromotes positive self-esteem, opportunities for social connection and healthier communities


WHATUnderstand and harness our unique gifts to positively contribute to society and reach our fullpotentialPersonal qualities that shape who we are and what we will become
HOWEngage in meaningful activities that leverage our gifts and talents
and help us connect with ourselves and others
Explore and define what drives us, how we view the world and what we value in our lives and in our community
WHYGives us a sense of direction and motivation to contribute in a way that can change the world for the betterMotivates and influences our decisions and actions towards positive change in our community and beyond