The recipients of an All-rounder Scholarship are typically students who will add to the life of the College in areas of service, culture, sport and academia. All-round excellence will benchmark this student. Characteristically this student will be a very high academic achiever, with demonstrated strengths in a number of areas, which may include (but are not limited to) sport, community service, dance, drama, music, visual and language arts.

Please note that the scholarship selection process is highly competitive and not all candidates who meet the basic criteria proceed to interview in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Applicants for the 2026 All-rounder Scholarship must register and upload their application and supporting document through the Academic Assessment Services (AAS) website.

Applicants must sit the Academic Assessment Services (AAS) examination February 2025. Candidates in regional and remote regions or overseas can elect to sit the test remotely when they register.

Criteria and Expectations

Candidates are to be in Year 6 to Year 10 and at least 11 years of age on 31 December 2025.

Candidates must be Australian Citizens or International students who have a valid Australian visa. Overseas Student subclass 500 visa holders are not eligible to apply

Successful candidates must commence in Term 1 2026.

The Scholarship covers full or part remission of tuition fees (excluding extras) for the duration of the student’s enrolment at the College. All other expenses are to be met at the full rate. Expenses such as textbooks, co-curricular sport and activities, uniforms and laptop levies are not covered under this scholarship.

Successful scholarship recipients who are not a current Pymble student will be required to pay a $2000 bond when accepting the scholarship within 48 hours of offer. This Bond will be put towards the Term 2 Fee Instalment in 2026. The Bond will be forfeited if the student does not commence at the College.

Successful scholarship recipients who are not a current Pymble student are also required to submit an online Enrolment Application form and pay the Application fee of $440 within 48 hours of offer and the Enrolment Entry Fee of $4400 within two weeks of the scholarship acceptance. These fees are not refundable.

Scholarships will be reviewed on an annual basis and it is the College’s expectation that students maintain their high academic and performance levels and represent the College as and when requested.

Scholarship recipients are expected to uphold Pymble’s five core values (Care, Courage, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility) and represent the College with pride.

The College Board reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from any scholarship holder.


All applications for scholarship testing must be made online through Academic Assessment Services (AAS). Candidates must register first for the relevant AAS Academic Scholarship examination. Eligible candidates will score results in Stanine 8 – 9 in all testing categories.

Community Service

Candidates will be able to provide evidence of a developing or sustained commitment to community service initiatives or organisations in their school, local or global community. (The age of the candidate will be taken into consideration.)


Candidates must have completed the following AMEB Grades or equivalent:

  • AMEB Grade 6 (or equivalent) or above for piano.
  • AMEB Grade 6 (or equivalent) or above for violin.
  • AMEB Grade 3 (or equivalent) or above for other string instruments, flute, clarinet and saxophone.
  • AMEB Grade 2 (or equivalent) or above for all other wind and brass instruments.


Candidates must be competing at national or state level (or the highest possible equivalent depending on the sport for candidates in Year 6) in at least one sporting activity (team or individual) that is offered within the Pymble Sport and Activities program.


Candidates must show a demonstrated passion for dance, which includes extensive performance and training experience either as a style specialist or as versatile dancer and be willing to participate in the Dance programs at the College.  


Candidates must show a demonstrated passion for the dramatic arts, which may include participation in the AMEB or Trinity programs and performance experience at the student’s current school.

Language Arts

Candidates will be a debater and/or public speaker who has represented her school, where opportunities exist.

Visual Arts

Candidates must display a demonstrated passion for visual arts as evidenced by a portfolio of work.

Application Documentation

If your daughter is applying for the 2026 All-rounder Scholarship, she must complete the 2026 All-rounder Scholarship form (available on 4 November 2024) and upload it along with her portfolio when registering for the scholarship through Academic Assessment Services (AAS).

Candidates may submit information for the previous 12 months for 2026 applications.

Your daughter’s application should include:

  • 300-500 word essay to be entered when registering through AAS
  • completed 2026 All-rounder Scholarship form
  • supporting evidence
  • two reference letters supporting the candidate’s chosen activities
  • Semester 1 and 2, 2024 school report and last available NAPLAN test results

Important Dates

Registrations for the 2026 All-Rounder Scholarship will open on 4 November 2024. All students are required to sit the AAS examination February 2025. Applications for 2025 All-Rounder Scholarship have closed.