Introducing the Jacaranda Post

We hope you like the name of our Alumni newsletter, Jacaranda Post.

Many thanks to Kathleen Chilton (Foster, 2006) for your name suggestion, we loved it! And we loved the story that Kathleen also kindly submitted: 

Loving the look of the revamped newsletter and thought I’d share a name suggestion. I’ve been back at Pymble since July 2020 when I started working there as a nurse. As an ex-student, it’s felt very much like coming home. This past week when I was walking around the campus I was struck by the majestic beauty of the Jacaranda tree in full bloom.

It reminded me of the sense of togetherness that the school community shared every year when we gathered under it for Jacaranda Day. I remember that day in particular as an opportunity for us to look outwards, to care for others and to be grateful for everything we had. What better sentiment for a newsletter which I imagine will strive to do all those things? So my suggestion is the “Jacaranda Post” or something including Jacaranda at least.”

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