Research indicates that girls who attend all girls’ schools are the beneficiaries of a “competitive boost”.

This research adds to a growing body of evidence that speaks to the benefits of a single-sex educational environment for girls.

Research supports the following:

Culture of strong academic achievement

Girls’ schools create a culture of strong academic achievement, including better grades in numeracy, literacy, reading, languages and ultimately better tertiary entrance scores.

High engagement with STEM

Girls in single-sex schools are much better at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). They have much more favourable attitudes towards STEM-related subjects, are more confident, and are more likely to engage in higher-level mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Positive self-image

Are better able to develop a positive self-image with less fear of ridicule, are more likely to consider a wider variety of career choices and lean into competition.

Commitment to female empowerment

Our support of UN Women is just one example of the dedication and attention Pymble can commit as an all-girls’ school to female empowerment.

Enhanced self-esteem and wellbeing

Self-esteem and wellbeing in an all-girls’ school environment are enhanced. Girls in settings such as Pymble are more likely to engage in a wider array of sporting activities, including sports traditionally considered masculine –– such as rugby. Settling in is easier in all girls’ schools along with minimisation of sexist language, social anxiety and bullying.

An aspirational voice that will not be silenced

In an all-girls’ school, girls are more aspirational, their voices are heard more readily, and they are more motivated.