Are you thinking of embarking on a journey of studies to become a teacher?

Then you are encouraged to think about Pymble as a future career destination for early learning teachers, primary trained teachers and secondary school teachers across all subject areas. 

At Pymble Ladies’ College, almost 10% of our teachers started their careers in professions outside the education sector and then changed course and became qualified to teach.

We have teachers and leaders among our staff who have previous had careers as engineers, lawyers, sales managers, pharmacists, scientist and other professions.  

They have been drawn to teaching at Pymble because of their belief in the value and empowerment that comes from a good education, a sense of vocation, a desire to make a difference in the lives of girls and young adults and a belief that teachers can change the world.  

“Career change teachers have the potential to make  unique and significant contributions to student learning and engagement in and beyond school….bringing about diversity and experience in the classroom”

(Career Change Teachers: Bringing Work and Life Experience to the Classroom) Meera Varadharajan and John Buchanan  2021)

Pymble is interested in hiring and supporting Career Change Teachers. We are currently developing a program in conjunction with a major Australian university to help transition career change teachers into independent schools such as Pymble and ensure that we are setting you up for success. 

If you are a career change teacher interested in joining Pymble and would like to be updated when our program becomes available, please contact: