Pymbulletin is our magazine style publication covering student, staff and College news, initiatives, events and achievements. The Ex-Students’ section of Pymbulletin reports on the achievements of Pymble alumni, news items and engagements, weddings, births and vale notices.


This journal shines the light on Pymble teachers as designers and innovators of education, and the creative, connected and engaged practice in our community of learners. The articles will take readers into classrooms from Kindergarten in the Preparatory School to Year 12 in the Senior School, from Drama to Science to the Library. We invite you to enjoy this insight into the depth and diversity of innovation in our learning environments and our commitment to sustainable capacity building.

Perspective Student Research Journal

We are proud to share with you Perspective Student Research Journal. Showcasing the work of several of our high-achieving Year 12 girls from 2020.

2020 HSC Results Brochure

Our 2020 HSC Results Brochure provides an overview of the outstanding academic and curricular success of our students, as well as some personal stories of achievement and their future learning destinations. Congratulations to our Class of 2020 for the completion of their personalised education at Pymble and for their exceptional HSC results.