Building our Foundation of care

Building our Foundation of care

2023 was a year of firsts for our Pymble family. We launched our Pymble Foundation at the start of the year, followed by a mid-year Annual Appeal and the inaugural Pymble Foundation Gala Ball in October.

At the heart of this work lies our intent to guide philanthropy within our community to further support aspects of the College that make Pymble such an extraordinary school for girls: our People, our Places of learning, and our learning Programs.

“As a proud Pymble parent, I am excited to lead the Pymble Foundation Board. Our Foundation Board directors are passionate about realising our vision for the future of Pymble and are very grateful for the overwhelming support we have received in our first year of operation; thank you,” said Chair of the Pymble Foundation Board, Mr Simon Rothery.

Thanks to our community’s generous response, the Pymble Foundation now has the means to provide bursaries to three adolescent girls, all refugees from Afghanistan, who will commence as students at Pymble in 2024. Our inaugural Pymble Foundation scholar, a refugee student from Ukraine who commenced at the College in 2023, will complete her final year of school in 2024, supported by the Foundation. She hopes to continue her studies next year at university level to achieve her dream of becoming an engineer.

Our three new Pymble Foundation Scholars have been living in Sydney for more than a year and attending local public schools, which is where their relationship with Pymble began. In 2023, the College was actively involved in running after-school activity programs for these students – and many more – to support their English language development through socialising, sport and play.

Many of the students in this after-school program have arrived in Australia without parents, supported by older siblings or the international charity, Mahboba’s PromiseAn episode of Australian Story tells the story of how the founder of the charity, Mahboba Rawi and her son have helped hundreds of orphans escape from Kabul since the Taliban claimed power in 2021.

When we talk about Pymble changing the world, we don’t mean making big, miraculous gestures,” said Principal, Dr Kate Hadwen. “We mean turning up each day to care for one another, and lift each other up.

“My heartfelt thanks go to each person who contributed in some way to our Pymble Foundation, whether that’s as a Foundation Board member, donor, a guest at the Gala Ball, or a supplier or purchaser of fundraising items. Thanks to you, four young girls who came to our shores for safety will receive the gift of a Pymble education and the love of our Pymble family.

This is how we change the world, together.