2024: The year of Pymble Pulse

2024: The year of Pymble Pulse

Each year the College nominates a theme to set the tone for students and staff. In 2024, our theme is Pymble Pulse, which will become the catchphrase for a range of initiatives led by staff and/or students to enhance our learning and wellbeing.

Pymble Pulse is based on the notion that every action you take stimulates a reaction in the people around you, much like the way every beat of your heart stimulates blood to pulse through your body. When you do the things that bring you energy and joy, others in your orbit feel that energy and joy too, and vice versa. Actively supporting your friends and peers in doing what they love to do makes everyone feel connected and helps us carry each other through. As our new Chaplain, Reverend Cass, phrased so beautifully, “When you thrive, I thrive and when I thrive, you thrive”.

Pymble Pulse represents the heartbeat of the College and acknowledges the impact we have on each other as a community. It’s about helping each other to achieve our goals and to thrive.

The first Pymble Pulse initiative for 2024 stems from two Year 12 Prefects, Charlotte and Holly, who spoke to students at our first assembly about their aim to increase encouragement and acknowledgement of Pymble girls competing in co-curricular sports and activities throughout the year. This support can range from enlisting groups of friends to form cheer squads at sporting events, to celebrating students participating in Performing Arts festivals, exhibitions and performances.

Each girl in the College will receive a specially designed Pymble Pulse bandana and temporary tattoo to wear with pride as supporters at co-curricular events. Assemblies and other communications channels will also be employed to cheer on students representing Pymble in quieter arenas.  

“Win, lose or draw, Pymble girls have each other’s backs at every different event across our school. The hard work that everyone puts into co-curricular at Pymble deserves to be appreciated and noted,” Charlotte and Holly said.

We look forward to a wonderful year at Pymble in which our hearts beat as one and the pulse of our College community actively supports each student to thrive.