By Barbara Cosson

YOUNG WOMEN GROWING UP with AI need to develop strong analytical skills to help them question the accuracy of AI tools, according to Kate Brown, the head of junior school at Pymble Ladies’ College.

This education begins early. She says year 5 students recently faced an important lesson in questioning everything when it comes to using AI.

As part of a project to build a rover following the same processes NASA went through to successfully land a robot on Mars, the students used AI to create an image of NASA’s Mars team.

“It immediately produced one, but it had no women in it, despite the fact that the head of science at NASA is a woman,” Brown says.

“On the first view, that image could be totally believable, but it’s up to the user to test the accuracy.”

The experience taught the girls to research backwards to determine the truth, whereas previously they were taught to research forward in their pursuit of knowledge.

On the first view, that image could be
totally believable, but it’s up to the user to
test the accuracy.”


The Mission to Mars project involves the girls in every aspect of the robot’s design, including engineering it so that it can scan and navigate the uneven surface of the planet, ensuring it can collect samples with a robotic arm.

Not only are the girls learning how to code, they are also building an understanding of how to measure, record and analyse data, according to Brown.

She says the project is one of the many ways Pymble fosters excitement and curiosity about STEM and AI, with the aim of encouraging them to consider STEM careers in the future.

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