Key Staff


Dr Kate Hadwen – B.Ed, Grad Cert Ed Leadership, M.Ed, PhD

Deputy Principal

Mrs Julie Shaw


Reverend Lorenzo Rodriguez Torres
Reverend Punam Bent


Head of Senior School Mrs Nicola Wyse
Deputy Head of Senior School Ms Patricia Gallardo
Head of Year 12 Mrs Victoria Harrison
Head of Year 11 Ms Gina Ventura
Head of Upper School Mrs Melissa Boyd
Deputy Head of Upper School Mrs Michelle Hunt
Head of Year 10 Mrs Andrea Pryor
Head of Year 9 Ms Cara Foley
Head of Middle School Mrs Jennifer O’Donnell
Deputy Head of Middle School Ms Hannah McNelly
Head of Year 8 Mrs Kathryn White
Head of Year 7 (transitory) Mrs Sarah Budd
Head of Transition – Middle School Ms Mariel Lombard
Head of Junior School Mrs Kate Brown
Deputy Head of Junior School Mrs Anna Plant
Head of Preparatory School Mrs Karen Ahearn
Deputy Head of Preparatory School Mrs Tracey Frater
Dean of Curriculum Innovation Mr Justin Raymond
Dean of Students Ms Lamia Rockwell
Director of Staff Mr Stephen Dunk
Director of Innovative Learning Technologies Mr Anthony England
Director of Research and Development Dr Sarah Loch
Director of Studies (Acting) Mrs Natasha Stanfield
Director of Teacher Growth Ms Joanne Mitchell
Director of Teaching and Learning Ms Tricia Allen
Director of Professional Practice Mrs Melissa McMahon

Senior Staff

Chief Operating Officer Mr Allan Stewart
Director of Finance Mr Andy Lang
Director – Community Engagement Mrs Kelly Mancey
Director of Co-Curricular Performing Arts Mrs Sabina Turner
Director of Experiential Learning Mr Stuart Clark
Director of Human Resources Mrs Candace Chandler
Director of Boarding Mrs Carolyn Burgess
Director of Sport Mr Gregory Meagher
Director of Risk and Compliance Ms Maree Townsend

Secondary School

Careers and Tertiary Advisor Mr Andrew Kozyra

Heads of Learning Areas

English Mrs Amanda Reynolds
Geography, Business and Economics Mr Trevor Lucas
Head of Religion and Ethics Mrs Jacinta Wells
History, Society and Ethics (Acting) Mr David McKinlay
Mathematics Mrs Catrina Kerr
Modern and Classical Languages Ms Salina Bussien
Performing Arts Mr Marcus Stafford
PDHPE (Acting) Mrs Alison Cruz
Science Dr Kristie Spence
Technological and Applied Studies (Acting) Mr Peter Ellis
Visual Arts (Acting) Mr David Del Favero

Counsellors and Learning Support

Head of Learning Support Ms Lora Lim
Lead – Psychological Services Mr Andrew Scott
Counsellor – Psychologist (Years 7 to 8) Mrs Frieda Stemp
Counsellor – Psychologist (Years 9 to 10) (Acting) Mrs Marina Kirollos
Counsellor – Psychologist (Years 11 to 12) Ms Tash Reyes
Counsellor – Psychologist (Years 7 to 8 and Years 11 to 12) and Educational Psychologist Mrs Hilary Tucker
Junior School Learning Support Co-ordinator Mrs Genia Wright
Preparatory School Learning Support Co-ordinator Mrs Geraldine Roberts


Enrolments Manager Years 7 to 12 Mrs Rebecca Pearce
Enrolments Manager Kindergarten to Year 6 Mrs Clair Stock

Development & Alumni

Alumni Relations Manager Mrs Katrina Corcoran

Gillian Moore Centre for Performing Arts

Theatre Manager Mrs Tonya Grelis