Girls who are part of the Boarding experience at Pymble are encouraged to ‘live it, LOVE IT learn it’ through a curated program that supports them to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

Boarding staff work with our girls to help them develop independent living skills, resilience and responsibility that will establish a solid grounding for the rest of their lives.

Our Boarders become part of a special family, which mirrors normal family life as much as possible. They take part in decisions about their House, in student-led activities and have responsibilities to meet, such as keeping their room tidy and managing personal laundry.


Our ‘Live It’ program helps girls prepare for the challenges of daily life beyond Boarding by teaching basic life skills, from cooking basic meals, to sewing on a button, doing laundry, paying bills, changing a tyre and writing a ‘thank you’ note.


Many of our Boarders come from distant locations and going home for the weekend or having visitors can be rare events. Through our Love It program, Boarders can embrace the opportunities of city living, mimic home life and create safe connections with their local community through fun, well-managed external excursions.


Our Evening Study Program is designed to enhance achievement of academic potential, life balance and personal fulfilment, with key academic support staff to help girls manage their daily routine and to get the best out of each day by developing productive homework and study routines and seeking support for subject related work.

‘Live it, LOVE IT learn it’ programs

Love It, Term 1 2021
Love It, Term 2 2021
Love It, Term 1 2022
Love It, Term 2 2022