The Co-curricular programs available to students include The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, Army Cadets and various adventure programs.

Each of these is designed to offer students challenge, achievement and growth by placing them outside their comfort zones and providing new and exciting experiences.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Open to students from the age of 14 years, The Award is delivered as an ongoing, multi-level program. Students participate in a broad range of activities, sports, camps and volunteer opportunities to earn their award/s from Bronze through to Gold.

Australian Army Cadets

Open to students from Year 8 and above, Army Cadets provides students the opportunity to be a part for the Pymble Ladies’ College Cadet Unit. Delivered as a full year ongoing program, students undertake training in a variety of military skills with options to promote to a position of rank within the unit.

Adventure Programs

Open to students from Year 5 and above, the Experiential Learning portfolio provides opportunities in adventure sport programs such as Orienteering, Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon. These programs teach students the basics of the sport, with some providing opportunities for local, interschool, state and national level competitions.