At Pymble, the learning begins in the Junior School with coding classes and flows through to secondary students’ STEM education in the opportunities available in the school’s curriculum and co-curricular offerings.

It prepares them early for the STEM-focused world they will soon enter.

Pymble’s participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) gives students the chance to give back to the wider community by sharing their time, knowledge and passion for STEM and they meet like-minded students from across the world.

The Pymble Robotics team incorporates both individual and collaborative work and “is a natural opportunity for cross-level mentoring” where senior students work alongside younger students in their STEM journey, passing on their skills and insights. “It’s more than robots.”

There is a demand for greater expertise in jobs in the Science and Technology field, and our world-class Robotics and STEM programs are preparing our girls for life beyond school, where these skills are key.

Dr Hadwen

“Robotics at Pymble transcends designing, coding and building. It is teaching students real world, relevant skills like systems-thinking and problem-solving, but also the ‘soft’ skills of teamwork and tenacity,” said Pymble’s Head of Science Dr Kristie Spence.