In 2021 we commissioned a survey of staff who had joined Pymble in the previous three years and those who have been at the College for more than five years.

We asked four simple questions:

  • What appealed to you about Pymble when you first applied for a role here?
  • What do you value most about Pymble, now that you work here?
  • If you have spent more than five years at Pymble what keeps you here?
  • How is Pymble different to other schools/colleges you have worked at in the past?

There were three themes that come through – we are big, beautiful and caring

Pymble is a big College…

“There’s a willingness to try different approaches to learning due to the amazing spaces we have available” – teacher

“You can change roles and direction without having to change schools” – teacher

“Smaller schools can’t offer the same academic and co-curricular opportunities” – parent

Pymble is a beautiful environment…

“It’s like an oasis – when we are here, we are a community” – executive

“At the start of the day, everyone is happy to come back and see each other and the students. The environment helps with that.” – teacher

“The beautiful environment makes a difference in wanting to learn” – student

Pymble is a caring family…

“The kindness is real” – teacher

“Amazing collegiality within the staff room” – teacher

“The people are full of heart and the leadership is amazing” – teacher

“The teachers believe in us and encourage us to go to the highest” – student

“I like that the teachers here say it is okay to make mistakes and we learn from them” – student

It’s not just about teaching 

‘It takes a village’ to deliver exceptional educational outcomes and to run a large College and we can’t do this without the expertise of our operational and administration staff. 

These teams are an important part of the Pymble family and work alongside our teachers and leaders every day to support them and ensure we offer the best possible environment for our girls.

Pymble has a large team of highly qualified staff attracted to working in a caring and inclusive school environment.

These functions include IT, human resources, finance, marketing and communications, enrolments, student health centre, library, property and grounds maintenance.

We also have our amazing school administration teams who support our staff in each of our sub-schools, and who have daily interaction with girls and their parents

“The values, warmth and engagement that came from the people interviewing me, and the visually beautiful campus …. And the opportunity to transfer my skills from the corporate world into an educational environment. I remember thinking “Wow, this could be the beginning of a whole new career path“ – Professional and administration staff