Pymble Ladies’ College believes in a balanced educational experience. In supporting the academic curriculum, the co-curricular program provides a platform on which students grow into healthy, capable and confident adults.

The wide range of programs allows students a pathway to develop their talent and skills in a safe, informative and friendly environment.

Whether her interest lies on the sporting field, or in Performing Arts, Outdoor Education or Extended Learning, your daughter will have the opportunity and be encouraged to pursue a wide range of sports and activities outside the classroom, which will flow on to enhance her learning within the classroom.

The opportunities are endless and the support, coaching and mentoring she will receive are world class.

Benefits of co-curricular activities

Participating in Pymble’s co-curricular programs offers numerous benefits in helping our girls develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Regular exercise improves mood, reduces stress and enhances cognitive function, crucial for maintaining optimal mental health. Additionally, taking part in activities with their peers fosters a sense of belonging, provides social support and reduces feelings of isolation.

Involvement in these programs also cultivates personal development and leadership skills as students learn to work as a team, communicate better and become more resilient in their pursuits.

Our wide range of programs nurture a strong sense of community, fostering bonds and friendships. This supportive environment encourages students to actively contribute to their community, both within and beyond the College gates.

Co-curricular programs